A documentary film on Torrevieja that featured mayor Edward Dolon and that was set to be released this year has been thwarted.

“I was hoping to have an agreement ready with a TV channel or a streaming service for the Torrevieja documentary before the summer, but no agreement has been made,” Emil Filmby told The Leader.

Emil, from Stockholm, Sweden, said: “I spent a lot of time and energy trying to find a platform for the project.

“It is very sad and unfortunately the film will not be released in the near future.

“I will try to arrange a number of Premieres of the film in Torrevieja during the coming winter and Spring.”

Cycling through Europe

Emil heads to Barcelona from Sweden on his BMX.
Emil heads to Barcelona from Sweden on his BMX.

Following the announcement Emil has begun a new project – from his home town in Orebro, to Barcelona – on a BMX bike!

“It is a new film documentary project. BMX has been a big part of my life,” said diabetic Emil, 34, who formerly had a BMX career.

“I have been a diabetic since 2002 and it will be a physical challenge for me cycling through Europe.

“I will have to manage my diabetes under tough conditions,” said Emil, Ambassador with Ascencia Diabetes Care and their product Eversense.

“It’s not about breaking any records, but a personal challenge cycling through Europe, covering approximately 3,000 kilometres.

“For many years I spent winters in Spain, to avoid the Swedish weather! It’s been years since I was on my BMX,” said Emil, who began his trip from Ore Bridge, Sweden, in July.

*Part 2 of Emil Filmby’s BMX journey from Sweden to Barcelona next week.