Could the 1829 Torrevieja earthquake be repeated?

As anybody living in the area south of Alicante can testify through experience, earthquakes are not uncommon, but as Alicante is to become a high-profile centre for seismic research, as we recently reported, with the facilities at the University of Alicante being extended to provide a better study of earthquakes in this area, but just […]

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Time for Mingle Bells!

If you fancy a bit of Christmas Spirit, the Marina Bar in Torrevieja should be on your agenda, for their Mingle Bells event set...

Torrevieja Socialists Delay Leadership Election Again

The PSOE leadership has authorised the request of the Valencian socialists to again postpone the primaries in Torrevieja, as well as Ontinyent (Valencia), with...

Lucky Dog Rescued from Torrevieja Coves

A lucky little dog has been rescued from the grips of death, thanks firstly to an observant passer-by, and then the work of the...

Valencia President Highlights Torrevieja Customs Building Renovation Project

The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has highlighted that the rehabilitation of the historic Customs building in Torrevieja is an example of how...



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