Car Insurance for your Vehicle in Spain

If you drive a vehicle in Spain, then you should ensure that it has a valid and current car insurance policy.

How does car insurance work in Spain?

In Spain, unlike in the UK, it is the vehicle that is insured and not the person. Therefore, when you drive someone else’s vehicle you should ensure that it has valid and current cover. Usually motor insurance in Spain covers the main driver and any driver over a certain age (usually 25 years old).

What documents should you carry when driving a car in Spain?

You must carry relevant documentation with you in your vehicle. The documents, you should have include:

  • driving licence
  • ficha tecnica (log book)
  • passport or residencia card / certificate
  • certificate of roadworthiness (MOT or ITV)
  • car registration details (permiso de circulación)

You should also carry two warning triangles in your vehicle and reflective jackets for anyone who needs to exit the vehicle on a main road.

If you are driving a UK (left-hand drive vehicle), there are two additional requirements. You must have headlight deflectors installed to avoid your lights from dazzling oncoming drivers at night, and have either Euro registration plates with a GB on or a GB sticker on the vehicle.

Do you need insurance to drive in Spain?

Car insurance in Spain is a legal requirement and your vehicle should at least be covered for third party liability.

Spanish law says that your must at least have a valid and current third party motor insurance policy if you drive a vehicle in Spain. A valid car insurance policy must also be in place if the vehicle is parked on the street, on your driveway or in your garage.

The police are able to check the Motor Insurance Database on the spot to see if your vehicle has valid insurance. If your car does not have valid car insurance, it may be seized immediately, even if you arrange insurance at the roadside. If your car is seized, you will need to produce a certificate of insurance and pay any fines and charges to get it back. After 14 days the police can dispose of your car. If your vehicle is sold, you can claim money back from the sale.

Where can you get a car insurance quote for your vehicle in Spain?

For a quote for car insurance for your vehicle in Spain, you would be wise to contact the specialists at Línea Directa who are well positioned to offer you the most comprehensive cover for your vehicle..

Based in the country’s capital, Madrid, Línea Directa is currently the leading company in Spain for direct sales of car insurance, home insurancemotorbike insurance, and vehicle fleet insurance.

What types of car insurance are offered by Línea Directa?

Línea Directa offers four types of car insurance cover in Spain. These are:

  • Third-party car insurance: Third party insurance provides cover for physical injury and material damage caused by the driver of the vehicle to any injured third parties. This cover is valid regardless of whether the driver at fault or is the owner of the insured vehicle. It includes Compulsory Civil Liability insurance which covers the obligation to compensate the damages caused to injured third parties in the event of an accident and Voluntary Civil Liability insurance which covers compensation for damages caused to third parties that exceed the Compulsory Civil Liability coverage (up to the limit agreed in the Special Conditions). Additionally, cover is provided for the damage caused by a trailer or caravan weighing up to 750 Kg, as long as it is hooked to the insured vehicle and the license plates match.
  • Extended third-party car insurance: Extended third-party car insurance provides more coverage than the standard third-party car insurance policy. Extended third-party car insurance extends insurance guarantees to third parties. It also covers windscreen repair, fire and theft. It does not cover the damage to the insured vehicle or personal injuries to the policy holder / driver.
  • Fully comprehensive car insurance: Fully comprehensive car insurance is the most complete car insurance available. Fully comprehensive car insurance covers own damage, as well as bodily injuries and material damage caused to injured third parties. As an additional extra, it is possible to purchase optional coverage for services such as the Fine Management and Legal Assistance Service.
  • Electric car insurance: With electric cars becoming more and more popular, Línea Directa has created a specific insurance for these non-polluting vehicles which not only provides cover for theft of the vehicle but also provides cover for theft of the integrated charging cable. In addition, Compulsory Civil Liability insurance and Voluntary Civil Liability insurance are included as are drivers insurance, roadside assistance, legal defence, and own damage. Comprehensive medical treatment is included and as an optional extra you may purchase the Fine Management Service and Extended Roadside Assistance which includes a replacement vehicle.

What coverages are offered with the Línea Directa car insurance product?

  • Replacement car
  • Fine management
  • Comprehensive medical treatment
  • Driver’s License Recovery Course
  • Legal Assistance
  • Animal Damage
  • Mechanical Assistance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance
  • Voluntary Civil Liability Inaurance

Peace of Mind with Spanish Car Insurance by Línea Directa

With motor insurance coverage provided by Línea Directa, drivers and vehicle owners can enjoy peace of mind.

Línea Directa is the insurance company that has maintained the highest growth rate in the insurance industry in Spain. More than 2 million customers have already placed their trust in Línea Directa and the company employs more than two thousand people in Spain.

Línea Directa is fully owned by Bankinter, one of the leading banks in Spain and one of the most innovative financial institutions in the world.