Home Insurance for your Property in Spain

When you buy a house in Spain you are making a life-changing investment and, for that reason, it is sensible to ensure that you have home and contents insurance. You can do this by purchasing a home insurance policy for your house in Spain which usually covers both buildings and contents for your Spanish property.

There are different home insurance options available for your property in Spain. Holiday home insurance for Spain is available as well as home and contents insurance for permanently occupied properties.

Is home insurance mandatory in Spain?

Buildings and contents insurance for your home in Spain is not a legal requirement, but it is usually recommended if you buy a property in Spain. If you take out a mortgage to buy your property in Spain, the mortgage provider may insist that you have insurance for the buildings and, more often than not, will try to sell you one of their in-house products. When considering home insurance for your Spanish property, look for an insurance policy that includes cover for natural disasters, fire, flood and other damage.

Do you need house insurance for an apartment?

If your property is an apartment, you would still be wise to buy home insurance to cover your contents against loss, theft or damage to your personal and home possessions. In general the exterior buildings should be covered by some kind of community insurance. However, the contents and the interior buildings are the responsibility of the owner (or tenant).

Where can you get a home insurance quote for your property in Spain?

For a quote for home insurance for your property in Spain, you would be wise to contact the specialists at Línea Directa who are well positioned to offer you the most comprehensive cover for your Spanish property.

Based in the country’s capital, Madrid, Línea Directa is currently the leading company in Spain for direct sales of car insurance, home insurance, motorbike insurance, and vehicle fleet insurance.

What does Línea Directa’s home insurance policy cover?

The home insurance product which is offered by Línea Directa provides peace of mind for homeowners. It covers policyholders for:

  • Theft and attempted theft: One of the biggest concerns for anyone is the possibility of our their home in Spain being burgled. With this guarantee from Línea Directa home owners are covered for the theft of insured property in the home. The limits will depend on the policy purchased but they may include jewellery and valuables up to the limit agreed in the Special Conditions.
  • Damage caused by fire: Fortunately, damage from fire, explosion or implosion and smoke is rare in homes. However, if you are unlucky enough to suffer from damage caused by fire in your home, the home insurance policy offered by Línea Directa will cover it. In addition, the cover offered by Línea Directa also includes the costs of salvage, demolition and disposal of damaged appliances.
  • Material damage caused by atmospheric phenomena: The home insurance policy offered by Línea Directa provides cover for any material damage caused by the direct action of lightning, strong winds (providing that the speed is greater than 96 km/hour, or equal to or less than 120 km/hour), rain which exceeds 40 litres per square meter per hour, damage caused by the accumulation of snow or its movement, and damage caused by floods due to burst pipes caused by breakage or faults.
  • Damage caused by water: Water leaks, broken or faulty taps or stopcocks or failure to turn off taps.
  • Glass: coverage will include glass in windows and exterior or interior doors closing off movement in the house, fixed mirror glass, china or fibreglass sanitary ware, fixed marble and granite bathroom countertops. Glass in ceramic hobs and table-top glass will also be covered provided the furniture has been covered.
  • Impact / Collision damage: of animals and vehicles or sonic waves.
  • Civil Liability: coverage
  • Cosmetic damage and extension of cover for an emergency
  • Legal defence service: for damage claims, which will give you total peace of mind to face judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings, according to the general conditions and limits declared in the policy.
  • Home IT assistance coverage: Coverage that will allow you to have a qualified technical expert to help you solve the main technological problems likely to arise in your home.

Peace of Mind with Home Insurance by Línea Directa

With home insurance coverage provided by Línea Directa, homeowners and tenants are covered under any circumstance. Whether you are the owner of the home and are living there, or the landlord of a property which has been rented, or the tenant, you cn enjoy peace of mind.

Línea Directa is the insurance company that has maintained the highest growth rate in the insurance industry in Spain. More than 2 million customers have already placed their trust in Línea Directa and the company employs more than two thousand people in Spain.

Línea Directa is fully owned by Bankinter, one of the leading banks in Spain and one of the most innovative financial institutions in the world.


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