If anyone was in any doubt as to just how accomplished Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes is as an NFL performer, and it’s unlikely there are many who have not already made this leap of faith, then his astounding display against the Tennessee Titans will have removed all doubt.

Mahomes threw for 446 yards, converting 43 of his 68 passes, and rushed for another 63 yards and became only the fifth quarterback to complete a passing touchdown, a rushing touchdown of at least 400 passing yards, and 50 rushing yards. In other words, a flawless all-round game.

The form of the Chiefs star has certainly helped their push for a Super Bowl title, and if you take a look at www.sidelines.io, you’ll see that the Arrowhead Stadium team is now second only to the Buffalo Bills in the betting odds and at 7-2 they are looking good.

The win itself was a hard-fought one, with the Chiefs triumphant in overtime in a 20-17 victory and Mahomes was first to applaud his opponents;

“It’s not always going to be pretty,”

“I mean, that (Titans) defense always game plans well. They play hard, it’s a hard defense to play against, so I’m just glad we found a way to win in the end.”

The Chiefs built on that success by overcoming the Jacksonville Jaguars a week later, this time in a 27-17 victory that made it three in a row for Andy Reid’s team. On this occasion, Mahomes threw four more touchdown passes and completed 26 of his 35 attempts, and secured another 331 yards.

The 27-year-old is posting incredible numbers this season. He’s now over a thousand yards ahead of his nearest challenger in the NFL stats, with Tom Brady sitting in second and Josh Allen in third. Mahomes also has the most touchdown passes, his 25 some way clear of Allen on 20, and it’s, therefore, no surprise that he’s leading the NFL MVP betting.

Mahomes, now in his sixth season in the NFL, is now a pivotal player, and it’s clear that the organization has a lot of faith in their leader, who has led the team to the post-season on four successive occasions, and he’s more than rewarding that trust.

That trust was summed up by receiver Justin Watson after Mahomes’ display against the Titans;

“(Coaches) have a ton of trust in Pat — trust how he’s seen the game, trust that he’s got the best viewpoint sometimes,”

“So we were just running through our fourth-and-1 calls, and Pat had the final say on which one he liked.”

“Coaches have full confidence that if Pat likes a play, then it’s gonna work. He’s gonna find a way,”

“If he calls his shot, then he’s going to make sure it works,” Watson added.

No doubt that trust will be rewarded this season, with the Chiefs sure to go long into the post-season, and then it’s all about how they perform in the big games, with the Bills their main rival for the title.