Andrew Atkinson looks back at the letters of acknowledgement received from the Royal Family, with correspondence from both the late Queen Mother and HM Queen Elizabeth II, respectively.

“The correspondence from the Queen Mother was in 1994, letter stamped from Balmoral Castle; letterhead Clarence House SW1, dated 9th September 1994.

“It was acknowledgement from the publication Penwortham – What’s In A Name?, depicting the history of the ancient Parish of Lancashire, Penwortham, on the outskirts of Preston, that holds Royal links, with St Mary’s Church circa.1140,” said Andrew.

George Formby

The Balmoral Castle letterhead correspondence from HM The Queen dated 31st August 2016 was regarding the publication Formby’s Lost Love, which is a biography of ukulele legend George Formby’s fiancee Pat Howson.

“You may be aware that Queen Elizabeth II was a big fan of George Formby, the book being a 90th birthday gift. The Royal Family invited George Formby to play in private at Buckingham Palace,” said Andrew.

In the letter it is quoted: ‘The Queen was very touched you have given her a present’.