Crevillente town hall has obtained another two subsidies from the Empuju and Expluss 2022 employment programs developed by the Regional Government, both focused on hiring unemployed people in groups of both under and over 30 years of age, who will join the staff for a period of 1 year.

The Department of Sustainable Economy states that the subsidy amounts to a total of €323,889.56: €108,911.97 within the EMPUJU 2022 program and €214,977.59 from the EXPLUSS 2022 program.

Thanks to these subsidies, through the Local Development Agency it will be possible to hire 17 unemployed people to carry out administrative tasks, works and services.

The councillor for the area, Estefanía Salinas Peral, indicates that “from the Department of Sustainable Economy, work continues to obtain as many subsidies as possible and give unemployed people from Crevillente a job opportunity. Remember that last year the City Council hired close to a hundred people, thanks to these programs and the different employment workshops that were requested and that to this day they are still being carried out for a full-time year, as well as the EMPUJU and the EXPLUSS that we have achieved this year. Also indicate that we have several more requested workshops and we are waiting for the official confirmation of their award”.

To access these jobs, people  must be registered in LABORA as jobseekers for each of the jobs offered. It is the Valencian Employment and Training Service LABORA itself that is in charge of carrying out the selection of possible candidates, so it is advisable that anyone interested in these jobs contact this body to update their job demands, CV and any information that may be interesting when appearing on the lists of possible candidates.