Torrevieja´s Councillor for NGOs and Volunteers, Concha Sala, and the Councillor for the Elderly and Citizen Participation, Inmaculada Montesinos, have announced the projects that they are going to develop, among which the construction of the care centre for patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative diseases stands out, with an allocation of 2,434,713.10 euro and the refurbishment of the centres for the elderly.

The new Alzheimer’s care centre will have a constructed area of ​​1,600 m2, with areas designated for the specialised care needed in this field, as well as a residence area, hairdressing salon and health services.

For her part, the Councillor for the Elderly, Inmaculada Montesinos, detailed the conditioning of the centres for the elderly with a total amount of 135,841.98 euro. Among the actions, the 70,000 euro for the refurbishment of the San Pascual Home for the Elderly, one of the oldest, in order to renovate its premises and update its rooms.