The real estate world is constantly growing and expanding, so you always need reliable software that can help provide all those benefits you need. With the right cloud rental property management software, you can easily achieve that. Cloud-based software is ideal because all the information is kept in the cloud, which limits losses or any problems like that.

It’s a great idea to rely on cloud rental property management software, but there are quite a lot of these tools available. Which brings the question, what software should you use?


Buildium comes with a variety of property management services. These vary from operations tools to leasing tools, and even accounting or property management. You get to choose what features are needed, and you pay separately. This is a modular system that can help you immensely since you avoid spending money on stuff that you don’t need. But who is this for?

This is great for those companies that have multiple properties and you want to deliver real estate management at the enterprise level. The API is open and it can be integrated with a variety of other business apps. Pricing differs based on what you need, it can be anywhere from $50 per month to $460 per month. That definitely makes it well worth the investment.


Appfolio is used by a lot of people because it delivers real-time access to information and it also comes with stellar mobility solutions. It’s even possible to access it from mobile with great success, which is exactly what makes it so efficient and reliable in the first place.

This is a solution very good for scheduling rent increases, collecting debt from tenants, and also doing maintenance requests online. They even have modules for communication, insurance and marketing.

You’re able to have an owner portal. Prices differ based on the number of units you want to manage. It’s actually a very impressive solution with lots of features and many people like it thanks to its versatility and quality.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM’s main role is to help you focus on sales productivity and performance. This is not a CRM solely for real estate, but it’s free and the fact that you can adapt it for real estate is very impressive. It’s also really easy to use and fully customizable for a vast range of different solutions.

A lot of people use it often and consider it one of the top solutions on the market at this time. It’s great for converting clients, capturing leads and also managing campaigns. The downside is that since it’s free to use, it’s more suitable for medium-sized real estate businesses and not really commercial property professionals.

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager

If you want a great cloud-based real estate solution, then the IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager is a very good option. The company is known for its tech and data security features. IBM TRIRIGA does pretty much all you want since it’s a complete solution for facility maintenance, portfolio info, workplace management, real estate, and capital projects.

It’s one of the more expensive tools in the business, and only larger companies tend to use it. Still, its versatility and great features recommend it as one of the top tools in the game. You definitely want to give it a try, because you know it delivers and it always conveys tremendous results. Just give it a shot for yourself and the benefits can be incredible.


Entrata has some great features on its own as well. It comes with leasing, marketing and property management features. They also include lease management, commercial property management, tenant tracking, residential property support, and a dedicated tenant portal.

They added payment processing as well. That being said, they have mobile apps developed by their crew. The lack of a free version or at least a free trial is a bit of a downside, but generally, they have great reviews, so the ROI as a whole is pretty impressive.


Hemlane is another cloud-based solution, and this one focuses on rental property payments, maintenance, screening applicants and advertising. If you want to advertise your property on rental sites and track leads, this can be one of the tools to use. On top of that, it sends alerts when it comes to the lease renewal dates too.

They have a free trial, and the costs are not that high. They do have support for a variety of mobile apps too, and overall it’s an incredible solution with lots of great features for you to try out.


Finding the best cloud-based real estate tool is not easy, but it will pay off big time. That’s why you want to scout the market and see which company works for you. It might take some trial and error, but in the end, you will be amazed by the quality, attention to detail, and tremendous benefits. Just give any of these a shot right away, it’s well worth the effort.