By Andrew Atkinson

If you are having a problem with someone illegally parking in your garage space you will need to go through the correct protocol measures to get their vehicle removed.

The Los Montesinos police advised that if you know the owner, talk to him and show him the inconvenience he is causing you.

Seek the mediation of the President of the Community of owners, who will notify the offender to stop occupying the space or, otherwise, warn them that legal actions would be initiated.

If they refuse to remove the vehicle, one can initiate such legal actions, many times covered by your home insurance, based on article 245.2 of the Penal Code, which penalizes “those who occupy, without the proper authorization, a property, dwelling or building of others that does not constitute a residence, or is kept in them against the will of its owner”.

The Local Police will only be able to act upon judicial request. When in doubt telephone 966721525.