If you have lost your Spanish logbook, or if it has become damaged beyond use, you can now apply for a replacement online using your electronic ID, digital signature or Cl@ve.

The logbook, or permiso de circulación, and the ITV card, are both mandatory documents which must be carried in the vehicle in Spain. There are future exemptions for vehicles which will have digital ITV cards, but for the most, the paper documents are still required.

However, because they are made of paper, they can easily become damaged or lost. It is important to note that only the original documents, or those certified by a Notary are acceptable, you can´t simply photocopy them yourself.

In order to make it easier to obtain a replacement, the DGT has now provided the facility to apply for a duplicate online using your digital signature or approved electronic identity.

The permiso de circulación is the document that identifies the ownership of any type of vehicle – including special vehicles, agricultural and works and services.

You can request a duplicate in cases of theft, deterioration or loss. You can request the renewal in the case of change of data (name, surname, company name, change of service, reform of importance, etc.).

Before making the duplicate or renewal, you must make sure that your vehicle has no restriction to drive. To do this, access the reduced report of your vehicle. If the result of the consultation indicates that you have Incidents, it is recommended that you consult the nearest Provincial Headquarters or request a detailed report of the vehicle in order to know the details and resolve them. Only a vehicle without incidents can continue with the duplicate request.

If what has changed is the municipality in which you are registered, what you must do is a change the registered address of your vehicle. You may also have to change the address on your driving licence, if you have moved.

The ITV card or data sheet is the document that proves that the vehicle is approved to travel on the roads. These cards are issued by ITV stations, if you need a duplicate of that, you must request it at any ITV station. However, if your vehicle has the electronic ITV card or eITV, then the duplicate can be provided by the trafico offices.

How to apply for the duplicate:

  1. Online – Only for cases of duplicate due to loss, theft or deterioration of the permiso de circulación. This can be done through the web portal:


The new permit will be sent directly by mail to the address you indicate in the “Modo de notificación” section. You will receive it in approximately two weeks from the receipt of the application.

  1. In person – Delivering all documentation at any trafico office (Alicante or Elche are the closest). In this case, you need to request an appointment online or by calling 060.
  2. In Post offices – You can request the duplicate in the commercial network of Correos for cases of loss, deterioration or theft thereof.

Full details of the procedure are available online via the DGT website, https://sede.dgt.gob.es/es/vehiculos/duplicados-renovaciones/