Novice Drivers

It may be some time ago that many of you passed your driving test, but every day there are many more embarking on the early stages of their driving experience, novice drivers. According to an investigation carried out in 2019 by a group of scientists in Arizona (United States). It has been found that novice …

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Zero Aspirations

Sustainable, healthy, safe, and accessible. They are the characteristics that describe how cities will be in the not too distant future. Forecasts indicate that cities will have more inhabitants (according to the United Nations, in 2050, almost 70% of the world population will live in a city), they will be older and, in addition, they …

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Large Vehicle Checks Complete

All last week officers from the Guardia Civil, supported by colleagues in local and regional police forces, carried out a surveillance and control campaign on behalf of the General Directorate of Traffic, which focussed on the safety of vehicles used for the transport of goods and people. The campaign is part of the Operation Truck&Bus …

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The Work of the ATGC in Spain

Roadside assistance professionals often say that rescues are safer when the Guardia Civil is present. And those who have suffered an accident or had a...

Warning to Spectacle and Contact Lens Wearers about Driving and Road Hypnosis

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), which warns about the dangers of ‘road hypnosis’, has issued a warning for all those drivers who use glasses or contact lenses while driving. According to Elena Valdés, medical advisor to the DGT, there are a number of tips to apply while driving if you have visual defects. If …

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