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The Mini Eye in the Sky

Since 2019, the DGT has used eleven drones to monitor, control and manage traffic. They are primarily intended for traffic surveillance and, according to the rules that regulate its operation, “in particular through these systems, the following will be intensified: surveillance in risky sections; those aimed at the protection of vulnerable users of roads in …

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Pedestrians Watch Out!

We are a fundamentally a visual society. In fact, 80% of the information we receive comes through the eyes. This is especially relevant when driving a vehicle or traveling on foot. However, the most frequent phrase after a road traffic incident is that “I did not see it”, a phrase many of us have uttered …

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Spain Consolidates Its Leadership in Connected Vehicles

Through the General Directorate of Traffic, Spain has strengthened its commitment to the connected vehicle, with its participation in the ecosystem of the multi-party agreement Data for Road Safety in which car manufacturers, information service providers authorities and road traffic authorities of the EU Member States are committed to exchanging long-term safety data to make …

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Forgetting the Rules

Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed your driving habits? According to the study presented by Autopistas, many drivers have adapted their driving, but not for the better, increasing speed, forgetting indicators, and not respecting safety. More speed The study has shown that 58% of light vehicles and 53% of heavy vehicles travel on motorways above the …

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More than 300 Deaths Caused by Distractions

For the fourth year in a row, distractions continue to be the leading cause of fatal traffic accidents. Specifically, in 2019, distraction appears as a concurrent factor in 28% of accidents with fatalities, with 359 deaths recorded. As a result of these alarming figures, the DGT launched an awareness campaign this week which aimed at …