Two units of the Guardia Civil USECEC Rapid Reaction Force entertained residents and holidaymakers in Cabo Roig last Thursday when they launched an operation during the early evening to rid the area of manteros, looky looky men.

The Guardia were joined by a force helicopter and for a few short hours the manteros were confined to the western edge of the bridge crossing the N332 at the Cabo Roig roundabout.

At least one mantero was arrested and his goods confiscated but the single seizure seemed to be the extent of the Guardia action.

There was at least one arrest
There was at least one arrest in Cabo Roig

They remained in site until just before 10 pm but shortly after they left the area the manteros moved back onto the strip and continued with their illegal trade.

Whilst little appeared to be achieved on the night a spokesman for the local business association said that he was encouraged by what he had seen and hoped that a Guardia presence would now be maintained until the area is rid of their “top blanket sales.”

A special operation was also announced in Torrevieja and La Mata on Friday against one hundred manteros who operate on the walkways, promenades and beaches until two in the morning. The council say that they will be launching an awareness campaign focused on the purchasers of their counterfeit products.

Councillor for Security, Federico Alarcón explained the operation is a joint plan involving the Local Police, the Operational Reinforcement Group of the Local Police and the Civil Guard