• The article discusses the most common challenges faced by international students in the US and the way to overcome these obstacles.
  • 5 Top Challenges for International Students in US Colleges

Being a student is a challenge because of busy schedules, difficult projects, and complex social situations. But international students experience even more challenges because being a student in a different country can be really hard.

More than one million international students studied at colleges and universities in the United States last year. International students, especially those who came from countries where English is not spoken, face unique challenges as they adjust to the American educational system. In this article, we’ll touch upon some of these challenges and suggest ways how to deal with them.

New culture

Culture Shock is the first challenge for any international student. The American way of living can be different from that in your own country and American culture is a mix of cultures from around the world. You will need time to adjust to living in a new country and accept the cultural differences.

New assignments

In American colleges and universities, students are commonly assigned lots of academic papers in practically all classes. Completing these papers on time can be challenging because of the language barrier.  You will need to learn a lot of unfamiliar terms to use them in your university assignments. Besides, you will need to master a more advanced writing style.

Many international students struggle with writing papers. They have problems when doing research and citing sources so they often have to seek for cheap paper writing help.  It takes time and effort to become a better writer but you can also get some help at your school’s writing center. To improve your language skills, you will need to read lots of university textbooks and participate in debates with your professor. Don’t give up and you’re sure to succeed.

Expressing your own views

American college professors want learning to be a collaborative experience and encourage students to participate in debates during classes. They expect students to lead discussions and ask questions. You won’t become a successful student in the US if you just repeat your professor’s opinion. You should be proactive, join the debate and share your own thoughts.

New friends

College life is not only studying and many international students have difficulties with socializing. They are too shy to approach new people and start a conversation because of their cultural backgrounds so they are just waiting for American students to approach them. Don’t be shy and make the first move. Americans are friendly and you are sure to find a lot of common to chat about. A great way to meet new people and build new relationships is to get involved on campus.

New food

Everyone in American knows about the freshman 15. Many new college students commonly gain weight, eating high-calorie food at buffets. International students can face bigger challenges while adapting to new food, especially if they come from countries with their own distinctive cuisine. You should avoid eating junk food, develop healthy eating habits, exercise or go in for sport. Luckily, colleges and universities typically offer wellness services and nutrition counseling to help students determine smart food choices.