Pablo Samper, spokesperson for Sueña Torrevieja, states that “the budget of ten social programs has been reduced by more than 3,130,000 euro, going from 3,950,000 to 820,000 euros, meaning that this year, important social and support projects in Torrevieja will receive less funding, and therefore some of the most vulnerable people I the town will be left to suffer.

Pablo Samper affirms that “in exchange, the per diem item for the governing bodies increases up to 266,400 euro, more than 21%”.

Specifically, the 2024 budget for the additive unit prevention service amounts to 19,250 euro, while of the last two years it amounted to 131,250 euro, almost seven times that amount.

The summer school children’s dining program amounts to 33,337 euro, while in 2022 expenses amounting to 99,268 euro were committed, triple the amount budgeted for 2024.

The family and childhood care service amounts to 48,070 euro, while the rights committed in each of the last two years have amounted to 192,280 euro, exactly four times this amount.

The childcare bonus subsidy amounts to 39,800 euro, while the expenses committed and recognised in 2022 amounted to 95,106 euro, more than double that amount.

The NGO subsidies amount to 412,647 euro, while the 2023 budget amounted to 925,295 euro, more than double that amount.

The budget for the individualised financial aid and foster care program, of 121,298 euro, is much lower than the 2023 budget, which amounted to 441,298 euro, almost four times more.

That of the energy impoverishment program, of 43,434 euro, is much lower than the 2023 budget which amounted to 223,434 euro, five times more.

The subsidy for school transport, of 100,000 euro, is much lower than the 2023 budget, which initially amounted to 897,318 euro, nine times more.

In the initial 2024 budget, the item rental aid for vulnerable people has not been included, which in 2023 amounted to 156,952 euro.

Nor has the item of extraordinary benefits for the economic crisis and refugees in Ukraine been included, which in 2023 amounted to 789,805 euro.

Samper concludes by stating that “once again the PP government team turns its back on the social problems of our municipality, which are not few, and forces us to present claims to the budgets in the planned public exhibition period.”