A team from the Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology department at the Torrevieja University Hospital has performed the first surgical intervention in the province of Alicante using a robotic microscope system, with augmented vision and 3D reality.

This is a pioneering surgery in which the team of traumatologists has used a high-resolution microscope assisted by a robotic arm, called an Aeos Spine. The team successfully carried out surgery on a patient with a herniated cervical spine disc, who has now been discharged.

Doctor Alfredo Martínez explained that the procedure was carried out “with millimetre precision through the use of advanced 3D visualization techniques in real time”.

Doctor Manuel Segura, also from the Traumatology service, said that this new technique “allows procedures to be performed safer, that are less invasive and with faster recovery times, offering better results to patients.”

Torrevieja University Hospital has become the first hospital in the province of Alicante to carry out this innovative robotic technology.