In their latest report highlighting how the current government of Eduardo Dolón are failing in their promises to the people of Torrevieja, mayoral candidate for Sueña Torrevieja, Pablo Samper, explains that not a single euro has been spent on the construction of the new municipal swimming pool, despite it being promised in 2020.

According to Samper, 3 years ago, the Partido Popular (PP) government team approved a budget allocation for the drafting of the project of the new sports pool, amounting to 193,600 euro. The mayor committed to allocate the amount of 1,800,000 euro in the 2022 budget for the construction of the new pool.

Samper concludes by stating that “the mayor of Torrevieja is totally discredited and nobody believes him anymore. Less than two months before the municipal elections all the residents of Torrevieja can see are the unfulfilled promises of Eduardo Dolón during these 4 years, however, he continues to promise millionaire investments with great fanfare, with acts and projects paid for with the money of all of Torrevieja”.