Albizia julibrissin – the Persian silk tree – is a hardy fragrant tree, with bottlebrush pink-white flowers that are very elegant and fern-like leaves.

Well known for attracting bees, as it has nectar/pollen rich flowers.

It makes an excellent tree for a shelter from winds, in a very sunny spot – because it loves the heat and its flowers will be even better!

Very easy tree to grow, because it requires practically no care, apart from pruning out any damaged growth in the spring.

To reduce the size, or balance branch growth, wait until it’s finished flowering.

However, letting branches spread out freely is what will give it the most beautiful stature, as it naturally grows to form an umbrella-like shape.

Plant in well draining soil, in a west or south facing position. It will grow to around 8m in height with a 4m spread, so think of it’s mature size when planting.

To enhance blooming you can add granulated flower tree or shrub fertilizer in the spring.

Simply scratch the ground a few cms deep around the trunk and bury a few handfuls of flower fertiliser.  Then re-cover with the soil and water in thoroughly.