With the start of the SAMM race season looming, members of the Balaton boat share group worked hard to get their three 6 meter Sailfish 18 boats race ready. The project was led by group chairman Julian, helped by various members, Bob, Jurgen, Paddy, David, Jez, Willie and Rona, over the course of a week.


Starting with Sirocco, they sailed her to Los Urutias marina to be worked on. First task being to lift her from the water and remove the weed and barnacle growth from the bottom of the hull. This is excessive in the Mar Menor, probably due to the higher water temperature, and greatly reduces the hulls efficiency and boat speed.


The easiest way to remove it is by a hot water jet wash as soon as the boat is lifted before the encrustations dry out then, after being allowed to dry, a quick rub down and a fresh coat of anti-foul paint can be applied.


The upper hull and deck were then lightly sanded and repainted with epoxy marine paint and new decals applied. Finally a check was made off all the rigging and ropes before she was returned to the water.


She was followed by similar work on both Vision before the first race day and Ginetta soon afterwards. They should now all sail well and give the smaller dinghies a run for their money.


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Before, during and after the work on Sirocco (Blue boat)

Working on Vision (White boat)