The rhythmic gymnastics students from the Mojácar Municipal Rhythmic Gymnastics School took part in the Atalayas del Levante Tournament in Níjar, obtaining a more than brilliant classification, winning 13 medals: three gold, six silver and four bronze.

The seventh edition of this sporting discipline managed to bring together the best rising stars from the provinces of Málaga, Granada, Sevilla, Cartagena, Murcia and Almería, with 700 gymnasts in total, and representing one of the most important rhythmic gymnastics sporting events of the calendar.

María del Mar Montoya Córdoba, the rhythmic gymnastics team coach, had 65 gymnasts for this edition, boys and girls, aged from three to 13. They competed in all the categories, except senior, gaining the best results both in group and individual categories.

The classes began in October, as with the other disciplines making up the Municipal Sports School. The first steps at the beginning of the course consisted of the physical and mental preparation of the students, both of great importance for coping with pressure in competition.

Just three months ago they started to prepare the exercises and the choreography for this first competitive test in Níjar. The result couldn’t have been more satisfactory.

María del Mar Montoya started out in the world of rhythmic gymnastics at just seven years old, and among many other achievements, she has been Champion of Andalucía, both individually and as a team. An injury and the start of her university studies separated her from competition, but not from her true vocation, and she is now dedicated to training other future figures in rhythmic gymnastics.

Marimar, as she is known among her students, highlights the growth in the number of gymnasts. In the two years that she has been in charge the club has grown very quickly. When she arrived it had less than 20 students, compared with the 65 there are today, without counting those who do not compete because they are newcomers and are still not ready.

The Mojácar Rhythmic Gymnastics School began its journey in 2002, representing the locality in numerous sporting events, always with the unconditional support of Mojácar Council Sports Department.

Our winners’ next event will be on the 19th of March in Vícar, where it is hoped they will also obtain optimum results.