If you need to get a Digital Signature, you can obtain one in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja´s Councillor for International Residents, Gitte Lund Thomsen, explained that one of the easiest places to get a Digital Signate is in one of the SUMA offices around the town. Generally speaking, you need to book an appointment. This can be done via their website, https://www.suma.es/?idioma=en, available in English, and you can choose the office that suits you best. They may handle your request without an appointment, but that depends on how busy they are, so there is no guarantee, and if you just turn up, they may send you away, so an appointment is always better. There is also the option to have the Digital Signature issued at the town hall offices. Next door to Torrevieja town hall (to the left of the main building in the Plaza de la Constitución, where there are large metal gates), is an administrative office that will issue the Digital Signature, and you do not need an appointment. However, this office is usually very busy, and so there may be a wait before you are dealt with. Of course, there is no harm visiting the office and assessing the queue yourself to decide if it’s worth the wait, or you may just prefer the SUMA option. Both options are free. There are also companies available who will apply for the Digital Signature on your behalf. These companies will of course charge you for the service, and you must ensure that they are trustworthy as a Digital Signature is a secure and unique key, and will give access to a wide range of personal information.

Do I Need a Digital Signature?

There is no obligation to obtain a Digital Signature, but the need for one is becoming increasingly greater. As administrative functions are gradually turning from face-to-face remote operations, the Digital Signature provides for secure access online, via a computer or other device, such as a mobile phone. Already, there are a number of official Spanish Government based apps, such as MiDGT, which allows access to your driving and vehicle documentation on your mobile phone. You can access you tax, employment or health status records, and communicate with your town hall, all online, and all in a secure manner, but only if you have a Digital Signature. In Torrevieja, a new service was launched recently so that you can obtain a copy of your Padron Certificate online and automatically, without having to queue for hours at the physical office. Again, this can only be done with a Digital Signature.

Can I Get More Help on Digital Signatures?

If you do need help obtaining the Digital Signature, the International Residents Department in Torrevieja Town Hall carry our frequent meetings to provide more information, and have recently been joining members of the N332 Road Safety Group at their talks to answer any questions or doubts you might have. Keep checking their respective Facebook pages for details of future events. The post How to get a Digital Signature in Torrevieja first appeared on This Is Torrevieja - News and events from Torrevieja.