According to the Los Verdes green party in Torrevieja, one of the great projects promised by the ruling Partido Popular government, the renovations in the area surrounding the port, will not start this year as promised, but, according to the greens, will not begin to become a reality until 2025.

On November 18, 2021, the Local Government Board approved the file to contract the drafting of the urbanisation project for the port and its adjacent areas. Said tender is published in the Public Sector Procurement Platform. The greens want to point out that the information contained in the proposals were secured and not available for scrutiny by any of the opposition political groups in Torrevieja.

Eduardo Dolón promised the merchants that the works would begin in September 2022, stating that they would be carried out in two phases. The first, with the rainwater works around the Rambla Juan Mateo, beginning in January 2023 and ending in April of the same year; the second, around the esplanade of Paseo de la Libertad, Plaza Capdepont, Emilio Castelar and Waldo Calero.

However, and as stated in the minutes of November 18, 2021, the amount of the project drafting budget is scheduled for the years 2022 and 2023. While for 2024 and 2025, the fees of the Construction management. This means that, despite having promised the merchants of the hippie promenade that the work would begin at the end of 2022, it has not only been possible to verify that this has not happened, it will not take place this year 2023.

The Los Verdes also state that despite the many efforts made by the Partido Popular to “hide the information that reveals its lies and false promises”, they will continue “communicating the truth to all Torrevieja residents”, because they “believe that it is essential that citizens be aware of the type of government they currently have and to what extent their ineptitude and bad arts are disastrous for our city.”