For some reason, many still believe that no-strings-attached relationships are only for those in their 20s. And it does make sense to some extent because it is in the young years we are most often spontaneous, more willing to let new people into our lives, and approach many things a lot easier. But over time, most of us settle down, leading to spontaneous affairs being taken more seriously.

So many prefer a steady, perhaps even boring, but stable relationship instead of passionate no-strings affairs. But what if you don’t want to settle down? What if your heart is seething with adolescent passion, and your body is asking for risky intimacy with hot strangers? Today, we will help you to figure out how to make no-strings-attached relationships work when you’re over 40.

  1. Chose a person who pursues the same goal

That being said, finding someone like-minded in this regard can be difficult. Most mature people have indeed settled down already and started families. Where, then, to find people your age who share your thirst for romantic adventures? After all, for everything to go smoothly, your goals should match. In situations like this, online dating comes into play. Just open up any mature sex site, and you will see that you are far from alone in your search for a no-strings-attached relationship.

Thousands of men and women from all over the world gather on such platforms to arrange dates and enjoy life like they did when they were young. The advantage of these platforms is that, unlike social media, there you know that anyone on the site is interested in the same thing you are. You don’t have to beat around the bush trying to hint that you’re interested in casual flings only.

When starting a chat with someone, you both know where things will lead you in advance, making finding the right partners much easier.

  1. Discuss your desires and expectations

Given that mature dating sites bring together people from different backgrounds and with different desires, it’s important to discuss your relationship expectations right away. For example, some are looking for just a one-night stand, while others want to find a partner for, let’s say, regular BDSM practices.

If this is too extreme for you and you’re not interested in kinks at all, discussing your boundaries is key. It’s also important to remember that any lasting no-strings-attached relationship starts with a first date so you can see if you’re right for each other. So, when meeting mature singles on a dating website, ask what they expect from your first meeting.

If you’re okay with their requirements, share your desires and set boundaries. Don’t plan too far ahead; just plan your first date for now. Explain what you would like to do and how things should happen. If any controversial issue arises, try to find a compromise. But never allow anyone to overstep your boundaries.

If the person keeps insisting on something unacceptable to you – you better close the dialogue and find someone else. Fortunately, with a refined dating profile you always have a huge selection of potential partners just at your fingertips.

  1. Don’t spend all your free time together

The first successful date will be followed by a second, and after the second will come the third. When you find the perfect partner for a no-strings-attached relationship, everything will go like clockwork. But don’t forget that all kinds of relationships without commitment have certain risks. And the biggest downside of such an agreement is that one of you may fall in love.

If you don’t want that, the best strategy would be to meet only for sex. You shouldn’t spend time together outside of the bedroom. You can meet for a cup of coffee to just chat from time to time, but you should always remember that this person doesn’t play a key role in your life.

  1. Avoid making shared plans for the future

And last but not least, don’t make any shared plans. Even harmless joint trips can result in romantic feelings and a broken heart because it means that you will be spending most of your time together.

Sex has a way of bonding two people on a deeper level, especially if it happens regularly and satisfies both participants. Instead, treat this relationship like a business. Respect your partner, but don’t get attached to them. Make plans for the future without them being beside you because when they finally leave (which will happen sooner or later; that’s how no-strings relationships work), there will be no empty space in your life. Your plans won’t change, and all you have to do then is just find a new sex buddy.

A no-strings-attached relationship is a great way to continue enjoying your life without devoting yourself to family and household. So don’t be ashamed of your desires; find a casual hookup partner and make that relationship work to your advantage with our advice.