There are many people around us who hate to write or talk about themselves. Of course, they have their reasons but when it comes to dating, presenting yourself to others is a key to successfully meeting people – offline as well as online.

While dating apps are more about photos (which some people hate to take), users on dating sites usually dig deeper and want to learn about the personality behind the profile before they start a chat. So, it’s simply unacceptable to let bios and me-sections in a dating profile go to waste.

A good bio is a mix of your photos and description, but a killer bio is what you need to learn how to craft. No magic or bloody rituals are involved, just a few tricks you can easily benefit from by mastering your bio.

Mind the Platform Type

Learning how to write an eye-catching dating profile can make a difference in your dating… but what are your dating goals? If you do not see the connection between your dating goals and your bio, we want to assure you that there is a connection! The message and mood of your profile, i.e., how you present yourself, depends on which platform you are registered on or want to register on.

By choosing a website for your dating needs, you are choosing a certain community, and to avoid misunderstanding, you should proceed from the type of site you have chosen based on your needs.

Let’s assume you just want to enjoy some flirty online chats. Before plunging into intensive chats, you need to find a chat partner by introducing yourself to others and making it clear about your intentions on a dating platform. If only an innocent flirt is on your mind, it definitely won’t make sense to go into very details about yourself and write that you are looking for a life partner, embellishing it all with overly romantic statements.

The same applies to casual dating, where you are looking for someone to have non-obliged hot dates with. When filling out a profile on Onenightfriend, the best option would be to put big romantic dreams aside and write what you expect from meeting online with others in your bio. The site provides wide variety of options in regard to flings and non-committed dates but also can be a place to search for something more serious. Numerous filters will guide you through.

Dating online may seem superficial, but the fact is that many singles are looking for their soulmates on the Internet to build stable relationships. If you are one of these singles, then by filling out a profile on the site for serious dating, you can go all out and unleash your romantic nature by describing yourself and your dating intentions. Creativity, of course, is also welcomed.

Stress Your Advantages without Bragging

Just like in real life, boasting is a no-no in the online world. Who loves braggarts who just want to be praised and admired? Self-infatuation usually isn’t very attractive, and that is an important thing to keep in mind while meeting people online.

A good bio can be a breakpoint in your profile, and if you really want it to be good, you should not try too hard to make yourself look perfect. All online daters want to be interesting and stand out from the pack, but emphasizing your best qualities doesn’t mean exaggerating them.

The best way to present yourself is to write about the good sides of your personality, some of your personal achievements, your hobbies, and the peculiarities that make you who you are. Online daters want to see a real person behind the profile and not a fictional character.

Add a Personal Touch to Be Realistic

Sections asking you to describe yourself can be baffling and intimidating. What should I write in my bio? How can I stand out from other online daters? Well, instead of resorting to statements like, “I like coffee” or “Write me to get more info,” put some effort into highlighting what makes you different from other people.

If you have some funny or even strange habits, do not be shy to share it with the online dating community. Try to avoid clichés and let yourself be original and honest.

By crafting a good, no, striking bio, it’s highly recommended to think of stories rather than facts about your personality and your life. Your bio is a perfect opportunity to practice (honest) storytelling, and with enough personal info, it will be easier for someone to connect with you.

Sense of Humor Is Your Ally

Many of us have noticed how attractive cheerful and intelligent people are. What is their secret? Humor, of course! People with a sense of humor are so good to spend time with, aren’t they?

Humor is commonly considered a character strength that attracts other people. Even if your dating profile is full of nice pictures, humor will bring a twist to your bio. Adding a joke or few while presenting yourself in the profile helps to stand out from the crowd of online daters and make a good impression.

If you have a sense of humor and feel happy making people laugh (which is very attractive to many), feel free to be funny – humor is a character strength, which is unfortunately not given to everyone.

The creation of a striking bio is not witchcraft. The courage to be yourself and to talk about yourself is half the success of a dating profile, which will definitely bewitch someone you are looking for online.