In a press release, the Los Verdes green party in Torrevieja have said that “Neighbours and residents of most of the municipality are suffering from the proliferation of mosquitoes and cockroaches both in their homes and in the streets without the PP doing anything.”

They have denounced the “policy of leaving office” of the government team and have asked that it work to put an end to the plagues that affect the town.

The greens point out that they have detected “massive complaints” from residents of El Chaparral, El Limonar, Torretas 3, Torretas 2, Acequión, Altos del Limonar, San Luis, Los Balcones, Torretas Florida and Aguas Nuevas.

We do not understand that in other towns, such as Alicante, emergency fumigations have been carried out to prevent the proliferation of these insects, especially after the rains and the heat wave of recent weeks, while in our city they have not been measures have been taken,” they lament.

The town hall clam that municipal teams have been out around Torrevieja fumigating certain areas, although the complaints from residents are still valid where they have yet to reach. This week, the town hall has claimed on their Facebook page to have targeted areas such as Parque de Las Naciones, La Siesta, Vía Verde, Torrevigía, Torre Florida, Torreta III and Torrealmendros. They also asked residents to send them a message on Facebook advising of areas that need fumigating.

It should also be pointed out that these mosquitos provide food for birds, one of the key environmental attractions to the area, and for bats, a protected species, so annoying though they might be, killing them, thus cutting off a food supply for wildlife, potentially disrupts the delicate ecosystem, which would not normally be consistent with green policies.