Members of Torrevieja council took part in a presentation of four recharging points for electric vehicles (with two chargers each), finally allowing visitors and residents in the town to charge their electric vehicles.

These are four semi-fast stations that can serve two vehicles simultaneously and that will be free for users until the approval of the fiscal ordinance that regulates them.

The Mayor, Eduardo Dolón, together with the Councillor for Infrastructures Sandra Sánchez, and the commercial manager of IBERDROLA in Alicante and Murcia, Juan Carlos Brotons, confirmed the start-up of the four charging stations for electric vehicles, which has involved an investment of 4,235 euro for drafting the project and technical management, and 46,295.81 euro in the execution of the civil works necessary for assembly, connection, communication, supply and commissioning with remote connection.

The new charging points are located on:

Calle Caballero de Rodas, nº 27.

Calle Ucrania, municipal parking area of the Torrevieja Hospital.

Avenida Monge y Bielsa, parking area of the “Tavi y Carmona” Sports Palace.

Calle Mayor, at the height of Plaza Encarnación Puchol de La Mata.

In order to access each charging station, users must make a prior reservation through the Iberdrola Public Recharge application (the only application in Spain that incorporates verified information on all electric vehicle chargers, both those of Iberdrola and those of other operators), available both on Android and iOS, which allows you to geolocate recharging points with your mobile phone, book and pay, although in the case of Torrevieja it will be free, since the payment action will be active until the approval of the corresponding ordinance, so that the service will be temporarily free.

The recharging stations are Type 2 (semi-rapid) with the possibility of simultaneously charging two vehicles, through two sockets with a maximum power of 22 Kw in each one, with a limited maximum recharging time of 2 hours for each vehicle. As an example, one hour of recharging would be equivalent to 100 km of autonomy. Also add that the parking spaces for recharging will be exclusively for the parking of electric vehicles during the time of use, parking being prohibited once the 2 hours are exceeded.

The mayor stressed that the commissioning of these first recharging points aims to promote electric mobility, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and continuing to advance in achieving the sustainable development goals set out in the 2030 Agenda.

Torrevieja is yet to announce where the Low Emission Zones will be, another environmental requirement, which must come into force by the end of this year.