Having stopped a vehicle which had seemingly tried to change course to apparently avoid a routine checkpoint in the Pla de Sant Josep area, the Local Police of Elche discovered a stash of drugs in the car.

After stopping the vehicle, the officers first identified the occupants, confirming that the vehicle and its occupants were from Malaga. The officers then asked about the possible reasons for their errant driving, and if they were in possession or having consumed narcotic substances.

The driver acknowledged carrying drugs in the vehicle, directing the agents to the back of the vehicle and opening one of the suitcases in the boot. The agents found a wide variety of narcotic substances, indicating the person involved that they were going to consume them at a concert, but finally decided not to do so.

Among the seized drugs were about 7 grams of amphetamines, about 3 grams of cocaine, almost 3 grams of methamphetamine and a glass bottle with a liquid identified as poppers.

The 29-year-old man was arrested for an alleged crime against public health.

Similarly, a few hours later, a night shift patrol detected a similar situation in the urban area by a group made up of two women and a man, who, seeing the police car, adopted a nervous attitude. The checks revealed that one of them, 32 years old, was carrying 5 grams of speed, and she was also arrested.