The Torrevieja Council is going to deny a request by the tanatorio to open a crematorium. According to a statement by the Mayor Eduardo Dolón it is not so much the principle of the facility that is in question but the location which is planned for an industrial plot on the Casagrande estate that already occupies the funeral home, next to Delfina Viudes avenue.

The proposed site is surrounded by tertiary and dotational activities. It is located less than 90 meters from the Habaneras Public School, 50 meters from the Generalitat disability centre, which now houses 30 patients from the Oriol occupational centre. It is also next to a future municipal green area, a private sports area, leisure areas, nightlife and hospitality.

Dolón said that the company, one of the most important in the sector in Spain, registered the request last November. And he showed his surprise at the approval by the General Directorate of Public Health for the start-up of the crematorium with “conditions”. Among them, that no more than three daily incinerations can be carried out on school days.

Dolón maintains that although the municipal technicians have not yet ruled, they have told him that they also consider it incompatible in that location.