For people who don’t know how to speak the lingo, moving to Spain can seem like another world at times. Add to that the obscure items found in the supermarkets, and it’s easy to start missing home quickly.

In the past, people who chose to flee the United Kingdom and Ireland for warmer climates had to immerse themselves in Spanish culture or risk getting homesick. Nowadays, thanks to the rise of online entertainment, a taste of home is always accessible.

This arguably makes expat life much more bearable and could lead to an increase in people leaving their home country for pastures new.

Online Casinos are the Best Way to Stay in Touch with English Speakers

Over the last twenty years, the online casino industry has become one of the greatest success stories of the internet age. It grew from nothing to become a $60 billion sector, and it’s still growing at a lightning pace.

Along with standard customers, expats in Spain can easily access online casinos and claim a casino bonus for new customers when they join. This is a £5 free bet that can be used on slots every week. There are also various other bonuses to watch out for, including live casino offers for table games like blackjack and roulette. The offers allow players to get more bang for their buck, but they’re not the only reason why expats enjoy online casinos.

One of the most-loved aspects of modern online casinos is the fact that they have live links to real-world table games. These are operated by English-speaking dealers, so they act as a perfect way for expats in Spain to hear someone conversing in their mother tongue. Sometimes, there’s even the option to chat with the dealers, so there’s the interaction element as well.

Netflix and Other Streaming Platforms Have Helped Massively

It’s probably hard for expats living in Spain now to imagine the days when English speakers had to tune into Spanish television channels and watch what was on offer there. Thankfully, nowadays it’s unnecessary to view terrestrial options in the country, as the internet has brought about a variety of streaming options.

Netflix is the most famous platform, and it’s probably the best option for British and Irish expats. This is because it has a lot of content from the UK, some of which appeared initially on British terrestrial television channels.

For example, offerings like Line of Duty and Broadchurch were shown on BBC Two and ITV, respectively, before both migrating to Netflix. There are plenty of other great shows on the service that allows viewers to hear English accents as well. These include Sherlock, Luther, and Happy Valley.


Hanging out with other expats has always been a great way for people in Spain to get a taste of home. It’s now easier than ever to do that through entertainment options as well. There’s no need for people who leave their home country to miss it at all, as the internet provides a link to the language and culture.