Councillors Mar Ezcurra and Patricia Menarguez, from Orihuela´s departments of Culture, Youth and Equality and LGTBI, accompanied by José Aix, and members of the government team, have presented activities scheduled in Orihuela to celebrate PRIDE week.

The activities will take place from Saturday 25 to Thursday 30 June in different spaces in Orihuela, culminating in the week at the Orihuela bullring with the Proclamation of Pride by fashion designer Eduardo Navarrete.

Mar Ezcurra, Councillor for Culture and Youth, explained that “with this extensive program of activities from the departments of Culture and Youth we want to mix revelry and partying with the demand for freedom and equal rights. We want Orihuela to be an example and mirror of tolerance and respect for diversity and celebrate the steps taken, the progress made and continue fighting for what we have left, with joy, but with determination and pride”.

For her part, Patricia Menárguez, Councillor for Equality and LGTBI, reported that “it will be a week full of activities.

As a novelty, the LGTBI Pride Parade has been organised for Thursday, June 30, with many surprises, which will start from the Glorieta Gabriel Miró and end at the Plaza de Toros.

In the Plaza de Toros, on Thursday, June 30, a large family party will take place in the afternoon as an activity prior to the Proclamation of Pride and the final party of Pride week with Dj Agustín Cáscales and a performance by Pupi Posisson.

José Aix has been in charge of closing the presentation highlighting “the commitment of all areas of the council for the sake of the fight for equal rights of the LGTBI collective”.

This week of Pride, Orihuela is filled with activities such as the Solidarity Gala “Pride Night” in La Lonja, exhibitions on the Orihuela Costa, talks, documentaries, conferences, etc… whose program is available on the website and social networks of Orihuela Council,