Santa Pola Council has closed the 2021 budget with a total positive adjusted budget result of 9.3 million euro, resulting from a surplus of 4.2 million.

The town hall states that they have achieved this without raising rates or public prices. Thanks to the containment plan and the good management of public money by the government team and the municipal departments.

The Councillor for the Treasury, José Pedro Martínez, points out that “this surplus has meant a significant increase in the remaining cash for general expenses, which means that there is a total of 10 million euro available for the good management carried out and that it will result in in investments in the town of Santa Pola”.

The total will be distributed in several real investments such as those that are already being launched from the Consistory; among which are for Gran Alacant the new soccer field and urbanisation of the new College, the actions on Avenida Salamanca, reform of the Paco Hernández sports centre, conditioning to improve traffic in the Institutes area, asphalt plan and general conditioning of public roads, renovation of the Playa Lisa neighbourhood centre, refurbishment of beach facilities and diverse equipment in new Police cars, and in cultural and sports facilities.

Other important actions are the implementation of the new specifications for street cleaning and garbage collection as well as the Smart City for changing street lighting.

Martínez recalls that “these economic results must be valued because we have come from an economic adjustment plan of almost 2 years, after the non-existent economic management of the previous government team that left a Council in a delicate situation and still anchored in management procedures too outdated to be able to deal with internal and supplier compliance needs.”

In addition, from the Treasury area they remember we have spent 2 years of pandemic where the income of the Council has been ostensibly reduced.