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CD Benijofar 0-1 CD Montesinos

CD Montesinos defeated CD Benijofar 1-0 in the Valencia 1st Regional Group 9 – with Pato netting Monte’s goal to bag three points.

“Another week in which the victory escaped us – without deserving it – a good game in general for the Greens, in which a bad start in the second half cost us the defeat.

“Chances arrived more and more, but as has been happening throughout the season, lack of luck and aim deprived us of the goal.

CD Benijofar line-up against CD Montesinos. Photo: CD Benijofar.

“In the second half, the visitors came out better, and unlike us, they were able to turn one of their first chances into a goal.

“From then on, a two-way match in which, unfortunately for us, the scoreboard remained the same.

“Each time the objective of permanence seems to get more complicated, but it is still possible, and there is no doubt that as long as there are possibilities, the team will fight until the end,” said a CD Benijofar spokesperson.

Caption: Match action: CD Benijofar v CD Montesinos. Photo: Club Deportiva Montesinos.