This week, Spanish courses for Ukrainian citizens have begun in the classroom of the UA university headquarters of the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre, taught by teachers from the Association of Volunteers with Social Initiative in Torrevieja (ATIS), accompanied by volunteers Ukrainians residing in the locality.

The Councillor for International Residents, Cooperation and Immigration, Gitte Lund Thomsen, has welcomed all of them and encouraged them to integrate into Torrevieja society and learn the language to facilitate their full integration into the city. It should be noted that these Spanish classes are aimed at people of all ages, with women predominating more than men.

Due to the large number of citizens from Ukraine after the invasion of Russia, the City Council of Torrevieja, in collaboration with ATIS, have launched this educational project so that they integrate as soon as possible in the city. There are about 130 people who have started receiving these classes at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre, the vast majority of them women.

These are literacy and basic Spanish courses that will be taught every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., divided into four groups of about 30 students each.