With housing prices skyrocketing, many are choosing to stay put, with the average homeowner spending around £15,000 in 2020 on making their house their dream home.

But with recent reports suggesting that as we’re spending more waking hours in our homes than ever before and the lines between work and home are becoming blurred, 37% of people are finding it harder to relax at home because of its ‘workplace’ connotations.

To help you fall back in love with your living room, we’ve got some easy ways you can update your living room. So, get your tool box, paintbrushes, and creativity at the ready!

A fresh lick of paint

A new paint colour really can transform the look and feel of a room. Spring/summer is the perfect time to breathe fresh life into a tired room. Whilst you can’t go wrong with a classic white, this year it’s all about being inspired by the great outdoors.

If you’re afraid of embracing bold colours, why not try a pastel blue or green to create a calming feel.

Zone your space

Whilst many of us enjoy working from home, it’s important that you create separation between your work and home life. Zoning your living room can help create those clear divisions for work, rest and play.

Depending on the size of your room, you can use furniture, rugs, and even room dividers to help zone.

Switch up your soft furnishings

One of the easiest – and cheapest ways to update your living room is to switch your soft furnishings. Autumn and winter months see us snuggling up in our living rooms, but spring and summer are all about feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Remove heavy window dressings and replace them with light cotton, linen, or muslin fabrics that allow the natural light to leak into the room. Replace heavy faux fur or wool rugs with more natural materials like jute or seagrass, and add a light throw over your sofa for those spring evenings when there’s still a chill in the air.

Upcycle unloved furniture

The average household spends over £16 a week on buying furniture and furnishings, with millennials spending over £20!

Curb your habit and upcycle and repurpose unloved furniture. Whether it’s a sideboard that you inherited or an old armchair that’s seen better days, with just a few tweaks you can transform anything. Chalk paint is great for wooden furniture and a bold fabric can instantly update an old-fashioned silhouette.