Mancunian Ray Houghton has been the proprietor of the Beach Body Gym in Cabo Roig for ten or more years. Not only is he well known in the area as a ‘body builder’ extraordinaire, but he is also proud to boast that just about every part of his body, including his private parts, is covered in exotic tattoo designs.

It is something that he has achieved, albeit at a cost of almost €10,000 euro, in an effort to hide his “ageing” skin, which at a mere 67-years-of-age, he feels, looks remarkably good.

A military veteran, Ray was introduced to tattoos when he was serving in the Royal Artillery. However, he found all eight of his initial inkings “rather embarrassing,” soon growing tired of the designs and deciding to cover them up.

Those initial ‘tats’ included a boat, the word’s ‘mum’ and ‘dad’, a naked woman, and a Geisha girl. “It was getting them covered up,” he said, that led the gym owner to become obsessed with this form of body modification.

According to Ray, this sparked an obsession, which set him out on a mission to have his whole body tattooed in an effort to hide his “ageing” skin.

In the intervening years, Ray has since endured 300 hours over 40 sessions to ink every bit of his skin, even sporting designs on his private parts. “Now I get loads of messages on social media, 30 or 40 a day, from men, asking to see my tattooed penis. It’s always from men, never any women, and I send it as it’s all over the internet anyway.”

The procedure on his manhood was carried out six years ago in 2018. For five hours, Ray had to wrap his penis around a rolling pin whilst artists decorated it. His testicles ended up ‘swelling to four times their normal’ size. “I just had to bite my lip the whole time,” he recalled.

“The tattooist couldn’t believe I wanted to get such a sensitive area done. As might be expected, there was quite a bit of blood and it was uncomfortable to walk the next day or two, but I was desperate to get it done.”

“It was quite weird at first but it made a lot of sense, and it worked out perfect really. I’m delighted that I had it done.”

Ray, who once held the title of North West coast Bodybuilding Champion in 1989, is now completely adorned with Maori-inspired tattoos across his face, hands, feet and even his backside.

When asked about the favourite part of his body he has no hesitation in pointing to his face.

“I think it looks good,” he said, “but I’m going to leave the right side clear as I like it how it is on the left-hand side. It all looks good as though it’s one big pattern.”

“I’m now about 95 per cent covered. I absolutely love all my tattoos, it’s the best decision I ever made.”

Ray credits his body art for making him look younger, claiming he is often mistaken for being under the age of 50, as the ink hides his ‘varicose veins’ and ‘wrinkles’. “I feel like a celebrity, and I love people staring at me” Ray added.

“And there are plenty of other people who love the designs. When I go walking with my dog people stop me and want autographs, it’s unbelievable.”