Division 1

Danny’s Bar  v  C.C.’s Flyers

Flyers raced to a commanding 1-5 half time lead, Matt Smith providing 2 outs and 100,125, Suso Madrid a further 2, Dougie Adkins the 5th. Three figure scores from Charles Pritchett 100,140, Jesus Madrid 2×100 and John McKay, 137. Danny’s lone response via John Giggs 100, D16.

Fully refreshed from the break, Danny’s responded with 3 straight wins from Alan Walker 2-0 and 3×95+, 2×100, Giggs 2-1 over Sam Farrow 133, and Steve Lumb 2-1 in a tight match with Adkins, 100,134. Suso M’s 2-0 victory plus 4×100,125, ensured a draw, leaving Jesus M, to take the match, with a close 2-1 win over Rob Norbury.

Smith took the score to 4-8 over Bob Smith, in an excellent 3 legger, Bob managing 2×100,125,140,3×85+, Matt a similar effort 2×100,122,125,140, both meriting MOTM. C.C.’s moving to 3rd place.

El Capitan  v  Ale House Lads

The Lads found it tough going against a strong Caps side, their sole win in the 1st half via Andre Wing and Dario Sierra 140, D20. Caps 5 wins courtesy of Andres Liamazares on D1, D16, Ed and Arold Klimonis and Chris Logan.

Wing overcame Logan 2-1 for 5-2, Nigel Justice guaranteeing the draw with a 2 zip over Sierra. Graham White added a 3rd victory for Lads 2-1, Aroldas K. the victim. The remaining legs went the hosts way, Edmundas K, Vycka Bobinas 2×100, and Liama 4×100, all 2 zip. Bobinas recorded a maximum earning MOTM as did White.

Hub Hyenas  v  Mind the Gap

Scores for show, doubles for dough as the flamboyant Bobby George reminds us and so it was for the Hub against the league leaders. Take nothing away from the Gap, if you miss you’ll pay and the Hub did on 3 occasions. Gap doubles came from Sam Salt, Paul Moody D9,D20, 132, 2×140 and James Brown, 140, D9. Hub’s via, Mark Ellis D10, 2×140,100, Dylan Fitzsimmons D10, 100,140, Jay Wilkinson 2×100.

MOTM James Brown

Darren Sanderson 4×100,121 and Carlos Escansiano 100,121,137,140, both enjoyed clean sheets in the opening singles, the score 2-6. Pauls Durrant and Moody faced each other in the 9th, the former, enjoying a 90+ out in the 1st, Moody levelling but unable to capitalise on a substantial 3rd leg lead, 3-6.

The 3 remaining ties all went 2-0, Brown 100,123,135 beating Ellis 100,140 both awarded MOTM, Salt defeating Eric Manders and Gordon Cowan 100,2×121,125 making it 9 versus Wilkinson.

Tipsy Toad Toppers  v  Milos

Hugh Galloway waited until the 12th and last leg to produce his best darts of the evening as did opponent Javier de Gea, both earning MOTM awards. A 180 in one leg followed by a S20,T20,D20 out for the game was a little too much for de Gea 3×100,140. Main Toad 1st half contributions, Andy Rutter 2×100,2×140 and 2 outs, Phil de Lacy and Galloway the other 2. Lee Maiden providing 3×100, 132.

The Alcocers, Fabian and Alejandro replying with 2 outs and tons to match.

Rutter 2×100,125, looked impressive as he increased the Toads lead to 5-2, only for Raul Rocamora and Karim Garcia to reduce Toppers lead by beating Andy Gildea and Maiden, the score now 5-4. De Lacy 2×100,125, Paddy Winterbourne and Galloway getting the Toad over the line and their 1st points of the 2nd half.

Hugh Galloway, Javier de Gea

Division 2

Dominos Desperados  v  Pint Depot Queens

Decent scores and doubles from Queens Marie Cummins and Debbie Wright, were the Depot’s 1st half highlights. Two outs from Dave Oats and a further 2 from Paul Chick and Ray Hayes, plus a 140 and 180 from Ash Panchal was the Despos response.

Hayes, D16, Panchal 100, D16 and Ben Kernehan D5, put the match beyond the royals reach, before Vi Turner D18, and Cummins D8 made it 4 for Depot. Chick D2 completed the game against MOTM Wright, Panchal meriting Despos.

Wee Rock Horrors  v  Freakie Taverners

Freakies inflicted Rock’s 1st defeat of the seasons 2nd half and really opened up the 2nd division title race which includes Dominos. All 3 have difficult matches to come the Rock have a 1 point advantage making them favourites, but don’t dismiss either of the other 2.

Shared legs to half time, Billy Dolling providing 2 the other from Andy Forrest, for Rock, Michelle Halliday, John Boden, Annette Dobson, for the visitors. Tons from Bryan Livsey and Ernie Willis.

Only 2 more winning legs from Rock, Graham Solomans D2, and Forrest, 140, D18. Freakies Livsey, Dobson and Halliday made the score 5-6 with 1 to play. lt went to the wire, Sharon Frain D4 just edging out Tony Spiers for both points. MOTM – Dolling – Dobson.

Angels Delight  v  Hub Hellraisers

Angels were a whisker away from victory leading 6-5, only for Ali Scammell to nail D2 for the draw and shared points. Angel Winnie McKay, gained her 2nd double of the evening in the 11th to set up the tense finale. Wins from Chris Hutchinson D2 and Andrea Kelly 95, D2 accounted for Angels 1st half legs, Sue Spiers D11, Lesley Dolling D16 and Cheryl McGlynn D16 the damage for Raisers.

Kelly gave Angels a one leg advantage after the 1st single, Dolling D6 and Spiers a 51 out reversing the trend. Karen Coutts D17 squared the game, which is how it remained. MOTM – Sue Collins – Sue Spiers.

Boris Bears  v  Tipsy Toad Tiaras

Forming an 8-man climbing team, the Tiaras made the ascent of Boris’ stairs, without Sherpas or oxygen, to a wonderful greeting from the Bears.  The Tiaras were in a relaxed mood, pretty sure that the Bears would have an easy victory again, which proved to be the case.

The Bears were ahead 4-0 until Tiara Pat Schofield pulled off a 3-darter, 8-8-D20 in the 2nd pairs which at least meant it wasn’t going to be another whitewash. The first 4 singles also went the Bears’ way but captain de Lacy put paid to Sid Cross’ efforts (81, 85), taking out 63 (17 – 6- D20) to get the player accolade for the Tiaras.

Daddy Bear Barry Shingler (123, 121 and 2 check-outs) and Mummy Bear Yvonne Rouffignac (100, 95, 121, D16) had particularly large bowls of scores but it was Baby Bear Amanda Skinner who scooped the biggest bowlful with tasty scoring 115, 105, 95 and 3 delicious finishes (D1, D7, D10), earning herself BOTM. Final score 10-2.