• ‘In the Department of Torrevieja there are 1,658 cases, with an incidence of 901.46 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. 37 hospitalised, six ICU patients’

Temperatures hit 25.7 degrees on December 27 with hundreds of people making the most of the winter sunny weather – that is 10ºC higher than usual for this time of year.

Crowds swarmed to Torrevieja heading for the beaches and outside dining, with struggling restaurants welcoming the business during the latest wave of the coronovirus pandemic.

Despite the government’s efforts to impose face masks, due to a significant increase in covid cases, in Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca there were many who decided NOT to adhere to the law.

There was a plethora of people visiting Torrevieja on the Los Locos promenade area, but on average there were more NOT wearing face masks, than those who were taking mask precautions in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

Reporter Andrew Atkinson masked in Torrevieja amid 1,658 covid cases.

The Spanish Government has imposed the rule that face masks are mandatory – something that many, sadly, seem to dismiss.

The government has reintroduced the mandatory face masks in outdoor spaces, which will remain in place until further notice.

Social distance

The government ruling states that everyone MUST wear a face mask while on public roads and outdoor spaces – regardless whether they are able to social distance or not.

Covid passports showing proof of vaccination, a negative test result or recently had the virus are mandatory to enter many indoor establishments in the Valencia region, including those of bars and restaurants.

In one Torrevieja bar no covid passports showing proof of vaccination were asked for, unlike at a bar in San Luis, where I popped in to have a drink, after leaving Torrevieja.

The Superior Court of Justice in the Valencia Community has given approval of the use of covid certificates, until January 31, 2022.

Torrevieja 1,658 covid cases

The rise in the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is set to increase heading into the New Year, underlined by the cases announced on December 27, a fact underlined by the mayor of Los Montesinos José Manuel Butron.

“Following the increase in cases in the last 14 days, in Los Montesinos from December 13 to 26 there are 26 new cases, with a cumulative incidence of 523.35 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants,” said Mayor Butron.

“In the Department of Torrevieja there are 1,658 cases, with an incidence of 901.46 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants.

“The hospital situation is 37 hospitalised, six patients in ICU.

“There are 135,225 people in this Torrevieja health department with full vaccination,” added Mayor Butron.

Main image Caption: Temperatures hit 25.7 degrees on December 27 in Torrevieja.