Results for w/c 11.1.21

‘High Noon’ (well about 8.30am actually) and we lined up for our first Texas Scramble of the New Year. Showing ‘True Grit’ and with a nett score of 58.1 the winners were Lindsay Forbes, Ron Phipps, Benedicte Kruse and Rachel Leckey. Andy Martin, Reg Akehurst and Nigel Price (or should that be ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?) took second spot with a nett 59.7.

Andy Martin earned himself ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ in Wednesday’s Stableford by scoring a ‘2’ on the par 4 seventh hole. ‘For a Few Dollars More’ Marleen Billen also managed a ‘2’. Pat (Butch) Cassidy was the ‘Lone Star’ on the day winning with 35 points whilst Nigel Price ‘Drifted’ into second place with 33.

It was obviously a ‘Bonanza’ of a week for Butch as he found himself on the winning team in Friday’s Change Partners. Alongside Terry Field, Pete Dunn and Yvonne Phipps they ‘Hung ‘em High’ and shot 76 points. With their ‘Saddles Blazing’ (Yes I’m struggling now!) Joyce McClusky, Mike Mahony, Benedicte Kruse and Friedel Knebel marked their ‘Tombstone’ with a runners up score of 74.

Finally Marshall Mark (Spaghetti) Western recounted that as a child he’d always wanted a cowboy outfit. He had to settle instead for a season ticket to Leeds United!

Pues hasta la semana que viene

Peter Reffell