Communication is the primary key in emerging technology, where social media apps play an essential role in communication. One-third of the world’s population are smartphone users, and almost every individual uses social media applications to pass on data or interact with each other.

The need to socialize using modern tools is making social media applications trending. The popularity of social media applications makes this field profitable, and businesses are investing more in this field. If you are thinking about how to create a social media app we highly recommend you to use Aimprosoft’s experience and read their excellent article; also then you must read this article for success stories.

Modern tools to create a social media app

A large number of the population uses social media apps, and with the advent of smartphones, the number of users is continuously increasing. The research conducted states that the use of social media has increased by 9% since 2018. Also, there are many social media apps around the world, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.

The most social media penetration has been observed in countries such as U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, South Korea. In contrast, most internet penetration has been observed in North America, Europe in the year 2019.

In the past ten years, the number of users has increased from 0.97 billion to 3.1 billion. The 10% increase shows that the market is expanding at a rapid rate. The jobs-to-be-done is the approach a business follows to do a job that the customer is trying to accomplish.

Outline the market around the job-

The customers need the job to be done irrespective of the different products which come and go related to the task. The solutions that satisfy the need are continuously changing with time while the markets are constant.

An example is in the 21st century; telegraphs are replaced with electronic emails, SMS, or other messaging apps that do the same job as telegraphs, i.e., transmitting information or engagement with others.

Customer-centered innovation map-

The customer journey is made up of small stages, and at each stage, interaction is required with users, which results in the engagement of larger clients. The stages involved in the process are

Stage 1: Planning- At this stage, the customers set the goal and an approach to reach the set goal and plan for the job. The right resources are selected for the job while the company narrows the choice and makes planning simple. The company also offers a ready plan for execution.

Stage 2: Preparation- The customers collect data, equipment to do the job and sets a workplace environment. He checks the quality of all tools and ensures that everything is ready for task execution. The company makes sure that all tools are prepared for use, collect data, and guide the environment arrangement.

Stage 3: Execution- This is the most crucial stage where the core job is done. The customer checks the quality of the work done. The company makes sure that the output is of high quality, minimizes the risks of problems, gets the job done in any situation, and several jobs simultaneously.

Stage 4: Monitoring & Modification- At this stage, the customer sees and calculates the result, shares the product with others, and decides where the changes are required. The company keeps track of the progress made, transforms information into graphics, upgrades the app, and suggests changes.

Stage 5: Completion- The customers save the data and prepare to repeat the stages. The company offers backup of data, improves data security, and ensures smooth transformation from the completed task to a new job.

Create a job story-

The job stories are a way to identify the needs of customers. This method allows you to focus on the scenario, motivates you to achieve the goal. It also allows you to focus on the purposes and intended outcomes.

Bottom line

The social media market is evolving continuously and expanding in every field. Social media are popular due to the freedom they give to their users to express themselves. The interaction is improved, and the users can engage with people all across the world.

If you are thinking of investing in creating a social media app, you are making a wise decision. We hope that you find the article helpful and descriptive.