By Andrew Atkinson

A boat that was grounded by drugs runners on the beach at Moncayo, near to Guardamar, has been mysteriously torched.

The police and coast guard services tracked the vessel that was formerly berthed in Torrevieja port, which lead to the drugs gang heading to Moncayo and abandoning the boat, before escaping.

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It was found to have 2 tons of hashish on board that was removed by the authorities.

An arrest was made of one of the drugs runners with ongoing enquiries by the police to find others.

Attempts were made to refloat the boat, unsuccessfully, and the vessel was awaiting to be removed with the help of a crane.

On Monday it was revealed that the boat had been set alight and was completely destroyed.

Whether finger prints evidence had been undertaken by the police or other teams is not clear, along with who torched the boat.

The boat had been left on Moncayo beach since beaching on January 27.