• “It doesn’t make sense that 20 different cohabitants get together in classrooms”

The Valencian Confederation of Parents Associations has demanded “the immediate closure” of the all schools and colleges following which they want all centres to be completely disinfected.

The organisation says that it does not understand how legislation introduced by the Ministry of Health allows mixing to only be possible with cohabitants while in school classrooms more than 20 different non-cohabitants can gather together.

They say that every day educational centres are being emptied of both students and teachers by the virus and that in many cases there are not enough teachers to manage their classes.

“The bubbles do not exist because, even when arriving and departing on school transport, they randomly mix with many other students”.

They also find it bemusing that the Ministry of Education blames social gatherings when there are new cases while they defend the schools as being completely safe.

They are particularly critical of the Minister of Education, Vicent Marzà,

One option, they say, would be, to bring forward the Easter holidays, since all the festivities are being suspended and thus on those dates the children could attend school and make up the lost days.

COVAPA, the Confederation of Parents Associations say that they hope that the Ministry takes responsibility and “orders the closure of the centres as soon as possible, otherwise the families will have to seek protection in the courts”.

COVAPA and its three federations, FAPA Gabriel Miró from Alicante, Humanist Manuel Tarancón from Castellón and 9 d’octubre from Valencia, all say that the Department of Education “cannot continue to put the entire educational community at risk”.

They also ask that the entire educational community be vaccinated and that it be equipped with all the necessary means of prevention as well as employing a most necessary figure, school nurses, who, now more than ever, are an absolutely essential part of education centres.

A spokesman said that if the Ministry is keeping schools and colleges open because the virtual system is not ready, “let’s all look for the formula to carry out the day to day tuition online, but stop putting everyone at risk.”