Are you planning a date night with your loved one? How about Netflix and Chill with someone who is very special to you? Surely if that’s the case, then it is time you consider some of the great movie titles available on Netflix.

Netflix is the best platform that will offer you an amazing chance to have a good time watching the best movies with your loved ones after playing thrilling slots at for example.

On that note, let’s share with you some of the best movies and have your own Valentine’s. There are quite a lot of them but we are just going to be sharing the tip of an iceberg.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This movie was a massive breakout success when it came out in 2018. But the movie sequel came to our screens in 2020.

The storyline is about a high school student who has a penchant for writing letters to her crushes. Keep in mind that she never sends these letters.

Nevertheless, her world fell apart when her sister discovered the stash of letters. The most fascinating part is that the sister went on and delivered these letters to each crushes she’s had.

However, as a cover up, she went on and date a schoolmate all in a bid to make her ex jealous. It’s quiet a fascinating movie and you will love watching it with your partner.

Falling Inn Love

While some people fall in love with casino games (meilleur jeux casino) others fall in love with movies. Falling Inn Love is one of the best good and romantic movies available on Netflix. Christina Milian play a role of Gabriela, an American who lose her boyfriend but went on and wins a New Zealand inn via an online competition,

With this movie, you should expect a load of romantic tension along with an exciting journey for Gabriela. As she was in pursuit of self-discovery, make sure you get yourself to watch this movie on Netflix and you will not regret it.