Instagram is a social media network with more than a billion monthly active users, so no wonder that the newest Instagram trends are things one needs to follow to become successful. Instagram is a great place to promote your goods, business, brand or service.

Business profile possibilities allow you to run Instagram-only business if you want to and still get a wide audience of admirers. What are the hottest trends of 2020 you should know and use in your Insta-business marketing?


Instagram TV or IGTV is a relatively new feature added to the social media network recently. Despite having it for several months, some Instagram businesses still use IGTV wrong or don’t use it at all.

But Instagram TV is a powerful instrument of showing off your businesses, services and goods in a richer format than a Story and saving it for longer. IGTV is great for making video ads, backstage footage or streaming some events people can’t visit physically.

Interactive Instagram Stories

The Stories are known and loved by Instagram audience since 2016, and they keep improving constantly. The newest update made them interactive, so now the person watching your story can just click on the button appearing on the screen —  just like we do while watching a YouTube video —  and immediately reach your shop page or whatever else you want them to see.

Interactive stories are a great instant marketing tool, because of the 500 million daily Stories watches and a separate and very noticeable place in the app layout. Also, some services offer their customers to buy views on their Instagram Stories. Read Crowdfire review to find out about this feature more. Amount of views also impacts your presence on Instagram and increases your popularity.

Bigger Explore tab

Explore tab contains the posts that are offered to you by the Instagram algorithm. It analyses your previous likes, watches and follows and chooses similar videos for you to watch. The Explore tab was developing together with the algorithms and interests classification.

Now it is precise enough to predict something you were just going to watch but forgot the name of the video. It looks almost like magic. You can make use of these algorithms, providing more information about your content and making it easier to link it to similarly-themed posts. Use Location tags, proper hashtags and descriptions, and you will make your way to Explore tabs of hundreds of people!

Sharing Twitter posts on Instagram

Linking your different social media accounts has just become much easier. After Instagram was acquired by Facebook, business accounts in both media could be easily merged. Now Twitter can also be connected to your Instagram account. You can feature your most popular tweets, make them Stories or treat them as your regular content.

But be aware that the algorithms and audiences of Instagram and Twitter differ drastically, so even if you have a viral tweet, it doesn’t guarantee the same success on Instagram.

New hashtag algorithms

People just used too many hashtags rendering them irrelevant, so the new Instagram hashtag algorithm became a game-changer. No need to spam your post with 30 random hashtags, now they work more like bookmarks. People can follow hashtags, not other accounts, and get everything with these hashtags in their news feed.

This is a double-bladed change: you can either lose your audience by putting wrong hashtags or get the followers from absolutely unpredicted sources because they have just found you via the right hashtag.

Augmented reality

Maybe, the hottest trend of 2020 is augmented reality support. Our face masks we have already got used to, video filters that work in real-time and stickers have become part of augmented reality. A custom mask or filter may go viral much better and sooner than any text because people will start putting it everywhere. Developing augmented reality filters may become a method of promotion by itself.

We continue to follow the newest trends of 2020. There are rumours about the new and huge Instagram update, so it is possible for us to see the new rules breaker soon. But as for now, all the greatest features are listed above. Become the expert in using them and always be one step ahead while creating your unique marketing campaign!