The connotation of cannabis has been taken on a lighter note due to the emergence of many health benefits. It is no longer largely associated as an illegal drug, but more like a controlled substance that has medical significance.

Cannabis seeds have been consumed as food since the early days. Unlike the common misconception that cannabis seeds have high THC content, it has very low to zero THC or CBD content. Read on as we explore why cannabis is not just for stoners and hippies, and what health benefits do eating cannabis seeds bring.

Cannabis Seeds Are a Source of Plant-based Protein

Studies have shown that cannabis seeds are a rich source of plant-based protein, comparable to legumes, beans, and nuts. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a good option for people with food allergies, especially nuts. Also, plant-based is easier to digest and absorb in the body than animal protein, which makes cannabis seeds a good prospective ingredient for protein formulas and powders.

When it comes to the availability of cannabis seeds, they are abundant and come in several varieties. Commercially, you can buy auto flower seeds to start your own cannabis garden and collect fresh seeds for consumption. The seeds are also versatile when it comes to food preparation. They can be prepared as alternative ingredients for various food recipes, and they can also be eaten directly.

It Is Good for Weight Management

Whether you want to lose weight or bulk up a bit, cannabis seeds are a good food item that you can add to your diet regimen. For losing weight, it has low calories and high protein, which keeps you feeling full for a longer time. If you want to gain weight, the seeds also contain abundant nutritional content such as B-complex vitamins and vitamin E and minerals like zinc, potassium magnesium, iron, and calcium, unlike gluten.

The balanced nutritional characteristic and the naturally high protein content of the seeds allow for a holistic distribution of lean muscle mass throughout the body and for a healthier muscle tone.

The Seeds Are Good for the Heart

Aside from protein, cannabis seeds contain a significant amount of plant-based fat, which is rich in omega-3 acids. These fatty acids reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and help in the regulation of blood pressure by maintaining a balanced level of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

This effect on the circulation also lowers the risk of developing blood clots, which cause strokes and cases of angina – both are life-threatening circulatory conditions. Since the seeds promote good blood circulation, your heart functions optimally, making it healthier.

The Seeds Are Good for Digestion

The seeds of the cannabis plant have a good mix of soluble and insoluble fiber, which are good detoxifiers and good for effective nutrient absorption. Soluble fiber can be dissolved in the stomach, and this helps control your hunger pangs by making you feel full for a long time.

Insoluble fiber cannot be dissolved, making it a good cleaning agent to the digestive tract and promotes the comfortable and convenient passing of digestive waste through the intestines. Efficient waste elimination also adds bulk to stool for easy passing.

The cannabis seeds are actually beneficial and versatile parts of the plant. It may be devoid of THC or CBD, but its nutritional value makes it a sought-after snack and food item for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

As more people become aware of the medical importance of cannabis, the seeds will also gain attention as a significant source of nutrition and nourishment.