The present situation of the coronavirus pandemic is getting out of hand especially in some developed countries and no vaccine or drug has been produced yet. It is so disappointing that a microbe that is invisible to the eyes is killing people every day.

At this Junction, no one is safe and the only thing we could do is to join hands together and fight the virus. You don’t need to provide the vaccine or drug before you can help fight the virus but by following all the guidelines that have been provided by different health bodies both in your country and the world as a whole.

Visiting different places should be something of Joy because one will learn a lot of things about the word but right now it is impossible to move around because the movement has been restricted in almost every part of the world. This is so disappointing, but no one can help the situation.

You may be planning to visit some of the top countries in 2020 but you may be planning to change your mind because of the pandemic; is this the right thing to do? This is a good question that you must provide convincing answers to before you can consider canceling your plans for the year 2020. Everyone is affected; all we must do now is to prepare for the future and if traveling is one of your plans then you should use this medium to prepare.

Apart from planning for your trip, you must know some things about the Coronavirus pandemic has this will go a long way. The US is one of the places you could visit after the pandemic because of the various landmarks that are evenly distributed in the country, but you must know the present situation of the pandemic in the country. You should follow new updates to save you from fake news.

Below are some of the things you need to know about the pandemic before traveling to the US.

The virus is deadly – the virus is so contagious, and it is very deadly. It is a respiratory disease that has killed a lot of people around the world. Presently the US is the country with the most casualties has over 70 thousand people have lost their lives, and no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

This is the main reason you must save yourself by staying at home and following news updates. You must follow all the guidelines that have been provided by the World Health Organization because the virus is a 50/50 thing. Also, you must build your immune system as this could help fight the virus. Eating fruits and vegetables is a good way to fight the virus. You can easily access fruit and vegetables and eating them will not be a bad idea.

Buying sanitizers to clean your hands and always washing your hands regularly is another good way to prevent yourself from the virus. All these and other guidelines have been provided thus you should research them and follow them.

It does not have a vaccine now – this is one of the reasons why we do not want to risk our lives because there is no vaccine now. Although the world Health Organization is trying to provide an effective vaccine by empowering different Nations no vaccine or drug has been produced.

It seems there is hope because the US and Germany are working together on a vaccine that may work but according to them, it may take more than 18 months. Also, other countries like Israel Madagascar, the UK, France, and China are working closely to save the lives of their citizens.

It started in China – it is no longer news that the deadly virus broke out in China in 2019 and since then, it has been spreading all over the world. Now, it is difficult to know when the pandemic will end although a lot of people are tired of staying at home and they complain that they have missed their day-to-day activities.

Apart from this, it is affecting the world economy. Take for instance, in the US a lot of people have lost their jobs to the virus and this is affecting the US economy. Car companies are finding it difficult to make sales since no one is purchasing now. Also, self-employed individuals are having a problem because they are not allowed to leave their homes and even if they want to leave their homes, they fear the virus.

There are other things to put into consideration before visiting the US because they will go a long way thus, you should use this medium to research them. Getting the necessary documentation is one of the important things to put in place and the best time to get information about the various documents needed to visit the US is now.

Although there are several documents needed by individuals traveling to the US it may vary depending on story and country of origin. For instance, the ESTA travel is only meant for Citizens of visa waiver program countries that are traveling to the US. Although there may be slight changes in the US immigration system after the pandemic this is not a good reason to stop preparing for your trip.

Also, the US visa is important for people that are not eligible for an esta thus you should find out if your country is among the Visa waiver program countries. Keep the Coronavirus USA Live Map before traveling to the country.