Torrevieja firefighters were called to the Hotel Playas de Orihuela at 11 am on Tuesday where they freed a man who was trapped by his testicle in a shower chair.

The hotel patron, who apparently suffers from senile dementia, and who was being attended by two care assistants at the time, was attempting to take a shower.

According to sources the care assistants thought that they would make the exercise a whole lot easier if they slid him into the shower whilst seated on a chair, however with no shower chair available they decided to utilise a folding chair that they took from the hotel terrace.

Apparently the chair was made of plastic and when the man went to sit down s testicle was caught between two of the bars. The pressure caused him a great deal of intense pain and unable to release him from the chair the care assistants took the decision to call the emergency services.

On arriving at the incident firefighters were able to release the man, who at that stage had been trapped for half an hour, within a matter of seconds,

One firefighter said that nobody took it as a joke. “The man was in a great deal of pain so the decision was taken to transfer him to the University Hospital for further examination.”