The Ray Scott Art Competition and Exhibition 2017 is at La Herradura Restaurant in Los Montesinos on Tuesday 10th October – doors open to the public at 11.30a.m. and winners will be presented with certificates and prizes from about 3.30pm. 

All are welcome, entrance is free – the charity is Elche Children´s Care Home which would be delighted with a small voluntary door donation.  We have three judges this year and here is a very brief insight to all three judges.

Gloria Howes – Born in Cardiff South Wales and grew up in Stoke on Trent.  I worked at Spode as a free hand paintress which started my journey.  I lived in South Africa from 1970 to 1992 where my love for animals and the wild grew but I only really started painting in 1999 in Florida where I experienced my first exhibitions displaying with a painting group. 

I am totally self taught, I have a terrible technique but it works! Lol  Since moving to Spain 7 yrs ago I have done many commissioned animal paintings – faces only and I have won a place three times in this annual art competition and now am very honoured to be a judge this year.

Suzanne Stokes –  Suzanne Stokes has been teaching recreational art classes in the area for more than 12 years, with classes at PALS Social Club, La Siesta, at The Final Whistle Bar in La Marina and at Restaurante La Herradura in Los Montesinos. There is more information on her website where you can also see a selection of her work. Suzanne is a professional artist and sells her work at La Herradura, both as original paintings and as fine art prints, and also undertakes commissions for portraits. 

Painting and drawing are the most relaxing hobbies you can have,’ she said. ‘It’s good for body and soul – as well as a great way to make friends.  Many of my students have health issues, but are still able to come along and produce the most amazing work´ and I am honoured to be asked to be a judge for the Ray Scott Art Exhibition.

Roger McCrae  –  All my life I have had a passion for art, all periods and styles.  I’ve never painted, but this has not stopped my appreciation of other peoples talents.  I have a good eye for all forms of paintings.  It is amazing that many of the local artists started their painting late in life. 

Living in Spain I greatly miss the many Galleries both large and small that are in abundance in the UK.  I always try to support the local artists in Spain by visiting all the local exhibitions.