The Mojácar Local Police have expanded their vehicle fleet by adding two new scooter type motorcycles, suitable for use in the narrow streets of the Old Town as well as the urbanizations of the beach area, the Paseo de Las Marinas or the Paseo del Mediterráneo.

The new vehicles will be especially useful during the summer season, due to the increased traffic mainly along the seafront. Their small size will be of great assistance to the officers in carrying out their duties where they need extra manoeuvrability or a smaller parking space.

A total of 12 vehicles now make up the fleet, including a SUV, basic patrol cars, cars with special equipment for detainees, an unmarked vehicle, and an all-terrain vehicle, as well as off-road motorcycles and the new acquisitions for urban use.

The Mojácar Local Police is made up of 23 officers, although through cooperation agreements with other municipalities, this number is increased during the summer season with up to 8 more patrols.

In addition to their usual work, Mojácar Local Police have been in charge of carrying out all the campaigns of the Dirección General de Seguridad, since assuming the responsibility more than a year ago. They now police drink and drug driving, motorcycle helmet use and the use of safety belts or child protection in vehicles within the municipal area.

For Mojácar Councillor of Security, Emmanuel Agüero, the purchase of these two new bikes, which is part of the plan for the renovation and continuous modernization, is not just about the Local Police mobile fleet, but also the upkeep of their equipment and improving the quality of the officers by participation in training courses.

Another new vehicle and a drone figure are among planned new acquisitions. Police officers are already training for the handling of this unmanned aircraft that will be very useful given its great versatility.

At the presentation of these new bikes, the Councillor of Security also highlighted that the new office for the Local Police will be located in the future municipal offices below the Plaza Nueva. The new Local Police Headquarters will have an area 500 m2, with the latest state of the art computer and security systems as well as offices and cells.