Created and presented by ‘España de Cine’ & ‘Asociación Sad Hill Cemetery;’ two non-profit making organisations.

If you’re looking for something completely different this summer, why not try something completely original in that most Spanish province of Spain; Burgos.

Cinema tourism combined with cookery and walking; and all in both English and Spanish, with English teacher, cinema specialist and not an especially brilliant cook, Bob Yareham, author of ‘Movies Made in Spain.’

and in Spanish with local hero Sergio Garcia, the man largely responsible for the Sad Hill Cemetery project; bringing back to life the cemetery built by director Sergio Leone for the final shootout of ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,’ which, like half of the film was actually made in Burgos.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of an ideal location in deepest Burgos, with two accommodation options, separated by 300 metres in the same village:  which has 5 twin bedrooms and will cost 40€ per person per night for half board, or with hostel accommodation with bunk beds for 25€ per night per person, half board.

Each evening, in the village cinema, you can see the film whose locations you will visit the following day, and in the evening, you can cook meals using authentic recipes from the epochs portrayed in the films.

If you have any energy left, you can discuss the day’s activities in the village’s cinema theme pub

Here is a plan, although everything is negotiable and will be discussed and decided by the participants each day.

August 28th 2017 Day 1 arrival. Cowboy BBQ with authentic prairie beans.

Viewing The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Day 2 visit Sad Hill Cemetery, Arlanza river site and Monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza.

Evening meal French 17th century recipes.

Viewing The Three Musketeers directed by Richard Lester.

Day 3 Walking Cañón Rio Lobos.

Supper; medieval recipes from the 11th century.

Viewing The Castillian.

Day 4 Visit Castillo de Lara and Torreon de Fernán Gonzalez,

Covarrubios. Hacinas.

Supper: local produce, tapas & pinxos.

Viewing: The Way starring Martin Sheen; a film about the Camino de Santiago.

Day 5 Walk a stretch of Camino de Santiago or visit Burgos.

2nd August 2017. Day 6 Saturday, departure. On the Saturday there will be an event in Sala de Infantes, a nearby village, in which cinema and tourism experts will talk about Cinema Tourism. It is open to anybody and will be in Spanish.

Visits to the localisations will be in the participants’ cars, with petrol costs negotiated among the participants. An option to rent a small bus each day can be discussed among the participants.

The price doesn’t include midday meals or entrance tickets (Torreón de Fernán González for example). Full information about additional costs will be discussed and explained previously.

This holiday is ideal for English speaking residents in Spain who want to discover the Spanish hinterland. This activity is designed for adults. Children can only be accepted with the supervision of their parents.

For further information and reservation details contact: